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Home Fitness Equipment Comparisons, HJ-112, HR-100C and F5000

By: Admin

We revamped the entire Home Exercise Supplies site, and this page was originally a place where home fitness equipment comparisons could (or should) be made between brands or product lines that were closely related.

At that time, we had several items that met the criteria ... but when we restructured the site, we also significantly narrowed the scope of our product line to just the weight bench area. As such, we decided not to carry the HJ-112 digital pedometer, HR-100C heart rate monitor, F5000 inversion machine or other (quite popular in some cases) home fitness equipment items. We may bring them back at some point, but for now we will focus on the weight benches, or products directly related to them, and go from there. With that in mind, we have not found the need to include duplicate types of weight benches or related home gym equipment just yet ... and have redirected all the original pages for products not falling in our new focus area to this page as an explaination as to where they went.

However, as we bring more brands and related product lines on, we will add a section here as it makes sense to do so to help distinguish what the major differences are if the main catalog pages don't already make that distinction clear. We'll provide pro's and con's as best we can to help you decide which, if any are right for your home fitness application, and when it gets too complicated, we'll simply add a separate article just for that item.

In the meantimme, please refer to the Weight Bench catalog on the home page for featured weight benches and related products.

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